Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Helen Graziano


I am on my ninth cup of coffee--black.
Vowing no phone calls till after 9. Naughty Nitro,
My tuxedo cat lies purring. His 9 lives incarnate.
My 9 iron chips me out of sand traps--
I’m playing in the rough with rubber tease. Now
Hebrew 9 tay’-shah means to wander. To-fro
Wander from being cirrus to cumulus--cloudy 9
A pilgrim through all 9 circles of hell--murder
Lust, treachery, 9 minutes of shame--9 howl divine!


  1. Interesting - like the wordplay - a little disjointed but I like the imagery.

  2. from Marcy:

    I give up! I've tried it twice...can't get it to work.... just cast my vote for Entrant #12....the coffee and the cat in the tuxedo....

  3. I vote for #12.Like the variety of images related to 9, especially the last line.